Saturday, June 18, 2016

Now streaming ['selvə] sophomore record "eléo"

It's actually more than a week that we are streming this record but it deserves the coverage and hopefully you'll be giving it a chance too, okay?

North Italy's post black screamo mongers ['selvə] have their sophomore record out.
The 4-song album follows up to their 2014's debut "lajf həbɪtʃuəl" and is titled "eléo"; you can stream it in its entirety and buy the digital download for the price you feel ready to pay off their bandcamp.

Here the link to the record

Venn records newest signing GROVE STREET FAMILY stream new record

Video-game themed hardcore thrash punk crossover (hoodcore as they like to label it) from UK...

Venn Records are real proud to announce their newest signing, GROVE STREET FAMILIES (G$F for short).
G$F are a hardcore mob from Southampton, UK, while their songs set them in the world of Las Venturas of video game franchise Grand Theft Auto fame G$F are hitting real hard on this release and loading all bases along the way. Whether it's Juicy-esque hip-hop bangers and radio skits or dive-bomb drenched heavy hitting hardcore bangers - Grove Street Families has it on absolute lock down.

The new EP titled "Las Venturas" is their third EP outing, the first two being 2013's "The Los Santos" and 2014's "The San Fierro".

Saturday, June 4, 2016

GREAT THIEVES ESCAPE 4-way 7" split out through Flix records and No Panic! records

Berlin's Flix records and Jena based No Panic! records has just released a 7" 4-way split featuring 1 song each from punk bands SUCH GOLD (US), HARKER (UK), NO FUN (GER) and WALK THE PLANK (US).
The record is titled "GREAT THIEVES ESCAPE" and below, after the bandcamp player, you can read a track-by-track notes wrote by No Panic!.

Such Gold and No Fun have also video clips for the songs featured in the split that you can watch here too -just scroll down for these.

Stream here the 7"

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Streaming now DISMAL DREAM's "7TH Realm"

Streaming now the debut recording for Huntsville, Alabama's DISMAL DREAM.
It's a 6-track EP entitled "7th Realm" and the foursome plays a blend of thrashy-crossoverist hardcore metal.
They don't disclose much (quite a big understatement indeed) about their whereabouts. Anyway, I like them stuff.

Stream here the whole EP which can be also downloaded for a name your price deal off their bandcamp

Saturday, May 21, 2016

HARM DONE interview

by marcs77

I got to know Alexis and the DIY Straight & Alert label/mailorder, and recently zine, when this French guy befriended me on fb and started sending press-releases about the stuff he was putting out through his own label (rather old-schoolish East Coast NY HC stuff indeed including his old band Raw Justice) and then at some point, it was in 2014, like out of a hat-trick I've learned about this new band that named themselves HARM DONE; first thing that caught my attention was the grim blackened imagery of cover artwork and the German Gothic lettering they did choose for their band moniker. What these guys play? Old-school NYC hardcore? Straightedge hardcore? Well, as soon as I listened to their music I understood they were totally about playing some straight-forward, obnoxious, obscure blend of hardcore and everything in between from there to death metal.
HARM DONE is the new band Alexis plays in and their music, including the debut full-length “Abuse/Abused”, has been released on Straight & Alert.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Sweden's THE BRONCO released music video off new EP "State Of Emergency"

Sweden's punkrock trio THE BRONCO just released the music video for the song "State Of Emergency" off the eponymous new EP out through Longbay recordings.

The title track "State of Emergency" is very much inspired by the present political situation in their native Sweden, as it closed it’s borders last autumn and declared state of emergency. The same goes for Sound of Guns, written after a gang related shooting killing eight people.

Matt Dee (voice/guitar): "State of Emergency" is honest old skool punk-rock’n’roll, warts and all. I grew up with glam, pop and punk. This EP is a mix of all that music.

Watch the video here

Sunday, May 15, 2016

DOGHOUSE releases music video for new track "Off With Their Heads"

Serbian melodic punk rock band DOGHOUSE have put out a music video for their brand new track
"Off With Their Heads", which is the first song the band released from their upcoming album on Morning Wood Records.

The working title of the new album is "Never Cry Wolf" and is scheduled for release in September 2016.

Watch the video here

MOOSE BLOOD announce new album "Blush" to be released August 5th 2016

There's a new wave of EMO revival going, now you know it!, if you hadn't already smelled it in the air. Read on about new record from UK's

UK-based emo band, MOOSE BLOOD, have announced the release of their sublime upcoming album "Blush," which will be available worldwide on August 5th 2016 via Hopeless Records.
Their brand new single "Honey" got premiered as Rockest Record on the BBC Radio 1 Rock Show with Daniel P. Carter.
Fans can listen to the song as well as check out the awesome new music video for ‘Honey’ now on the official Hopeless Records YouTube channel.

Watch the video here