Friday, August 22, 2014

Peta 2, Bridge Nine Records and Flix Agency release sampler for animal welfare!

We're happy to share this news from Flix Agency...

Animal advocates should speak up!!! That is why Flix Agency from Berlin has teamed up with and Boston Hardcore/Punk record label Bridge Nine Records to release a digital sampler.
The new sampler series, called "Music for Monkeys", features bands and labels supporting the cause.
You can listen to it for FREE or purchase it through "name your own price". This first edition features the who's who of current underground music; long-established all-time favorites such as Boysetsfire, Defeater and Iron Chic, along with strong up and comers like Test of Time and Goodtime Boys. Don't pass on checking this out!

You can download the compilation over here: or stream / download down here


A Ramonesian news from Fat Wreck Chords camp...

That's right folks! The rumors are true. CJ RAMONE is joining the Fat fold and we are thrilled! September marks the 25th anniversary of CJ's initiation into punk rock's royal “family,” and to celebrate, on September 30th Fat will release the single “Understand Me?,” a head-bopping melodic garage-punk screed addressed to an unnamed listener who really doesn't seem to understand him.

Was it actually written with someone in mind? CJ laughs and says, “Every girl I've ever dated thought I wrote hateful songs about them, or I've had friends like, 'Are you trying to say that to me?' It's nice to put it out there without explanation and let people take it however they want.”

Thursday, August 21, 2014

THE ROUGHNECK RIOT Announce 'Out of Anger' Album 13th October + UK/EU Tour Dates

By no means a traditional folk-punk band, ROUGHNECK RIOT are pleased to announce that their new album ‘Out Of Anger’ will be released on 13th October via legendary Manchester zine-turned-record-label TNS Records.
The 6 piece from Warrington, UK have been making their mark on the punk scene for nearly a decade with their heavy, melodic sound. Drawing influence from a host of folk, punk and hardcore bands, they’re intent on doing their bit to highlight the socio-political issues of the 21st Century to a brand new generation of punks.

“We’re reinventing and rewriting folk music to make sense to our lives today” comment the band on their attitude “We write music for people; regardless of race, nationality, age, gender or sexuality.The past 2 years have been quite ridiculous in the UK. We’ve been mostly writing when something has made us angry."
"There’s a disgusting amount of fascism and racism in the UK and Europe and we've included some more personal tales from our own lives too - Sam (accordion) has even rewritten an old song about Fox Hunting to be a tribute to the Hunt Saboteurs of the UK. We are a voice amongst many in the scene that’s ready to be heard. We are here to play folk punk music. From nowhere and everywhere, this is our day.”

Grindcorers PUIG DESTROYER on No Sleep records to release the new album

Nothing says “America” like good ol’ fashioned baseball and torrential grindcore. Combine the two and you’ve got Puig Destroyer, one of the most amazing bands to ever represent baseball in the hardcore arena. Today the band has announced they’ve joined forces with No Sleep Records and will be releasing their new self-titled record digitally on September 30th, which just so happens to be the first day of the MLB Postseason.

In addition to the band signing to No Sleep, Puig Destroyer has also released their first new song called “Mike Trout” today with The song pays homage to Mike Trout, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim’s 2014 All-Star MVP outfielder, with a crushing, neck-breaking grindcore anthem that shout’s “No doubt, Mike Trout, he can do everything!”

"Going in, we knew we wanted a song about Mike Trout on this record,” says vocalist Mike Minnick. “Riley [Breckenridge] is a die-hard Angels fan, and all of us love watching the guy play. You want to see every at-bat, every insane defensive play, just like Puig. He's absolutely electrifying."

Listen to “Mike Trout” streaming all over

Monday, August 18, 2014

CONTINENTAL release new LP "Millionaires" on East Grand Recording Co.

CONTINENTAL from Boston is going to release their new LP worldwide on November, 28 through East Grand Recording Co from Minnesota. The band completed an eight-week European tour in 2013 and re-realesed their debut album "All A Man Can Do" on German indie label Flix Records (Cargo) coincide with the tour last year.
Dropkick Murphys and The Street Dogs founding member Rick Barton produced those 11 songs of his band himself.
The result is even more personal, more powerful and more homogeneous than the debut and shows once again with how much heart blood and consequence the group pursues their way.
Continental is going on tour with The Tossers this October in North American. An European tour might follow soon.

Watch here the video for the song "1000 Miles"

Monday, August 4, 2014

NOFX + Agnostic Front + The Old Firm Casuals

words and pics by marcs77

I've had to wrap up the interview with AF's Vinnie Stigma cause at 8.00 pm THE OLD FIRM CASUALS timely hit the stage of Carroponte, Milano.
This band from San Francisco, I actually hadn't heard of until today, is around since 2010 and is the more recent Oi! project by Lars Frederiksen (Rancid, The Bastards), and has debuted their first full-length record "This Means War" just a few days ago. So the European fans are blessed to be the first to have a taste of what The Old Firm Casuals new stuff is all about when delivered from a stage.
The band plays well though I have the feel the reception from Milan crowd has been a bit aloof however, the guys have few good numbers like the pissed off hardcore "This Means War", "Perry Boys" (they shot a clip for this track) or "A Gang Like Us" which sticks to your mind at the very first listen and doesn't have to pray much for you to sing along top of your voice.
A more than decent enough opening to warm up the scant crowd in the pit while many of the kids are still queuing up to enter the concert area or just chilling out, feeding themselves and having a few drinks to gear up for the two headliners of tonight show.
The theme of "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" gets cranked up by the PA system to introduce AGNOSTIC FRONT.